Monday, April 25, 2005

Hi Alex!!!

1st of all I would like to say HI ALEX, yea, you know who you are, uh, don't give me that look young lady!!!
so, anyway, yes, the rumors are true! I, sarah, your friendly blogger, will, infact, next time, indeed, tell you about every single person in my class! Yes its true folks, I, sarah, for only the price of a small automobile, will lexure you on everyone in me class. but, you have to wait until next time.
ohh the suspense is unbearably you say, well, I agree but no pain no gain! As I never say.
well, tune in next week, when, I, sarah, will indeed, tell you about everyone in my class, and, infact, I, sarah, will, not, use, as many commas and I have just now.
and, that is a promise!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

For next time

next time I might just talk about !!EVERYONE!! in my class!!! That's a lot of time wasted! lolz jk. but seriously, it will be funny. Anna. B. and as I like to call her Anna. Bee. I think, is doing that to. So....he he he ha ha ha!!! ::devilish laugh:: this should be funny, relay funny, really really funny, okay you get the point but it will be hilarious!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Anna- what you said in your blog was funny, you should allow 4 a comment more often. What you said about Jason M was hilarious!!!
ohh and........... Amanda- hi, sry I 4got about ya, have fun with Cameron!!! Ohhh kissy kissy. ~~sarah~~

Friday, April 22, 2005


okay okay okay here i go...
Anna- hey, girl whats up? so happy about how we were in the play!!
Sherri- hey, thanx 4 running the 2 km with me and Melissa
Melissa- hey, hope your foot is feeling better b4 the basket ball game!!
Alex- hey, jo mi budda from anotha mudda!!
Jaclyn- hey, good thing you came up to the cottage bacause i dont wanna be a loner this weekend!!
peace out ~~SARAH~~

Well the play is over.......

well the play is over and it went okay. I am soo happy that I didn't mess up. It took a few extra minutes to set up on 1 of the scene changes (stupid extension cord) but other then that it all went well. I also read a poem (that I made) that was 65 couplets long. That means that it had 130 lines in it. And I made it up by my self!!! Anyway I read it for the arts night. Whoa.. I am so glad that's over. Now I can sleep peacefully. But, its the weekend so what am I doing typing this? Well, bye, I am gonna go outside and play in whatever good old Canadian snow we have left. Bye ~~Sarah~~

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


hi, i am in a play on april 21 and if you are reading this when i typed it then that means tomorrow!!!! i am so nervous, what if i mess up? what is someone elts messes up?what if......well you get the point. ahhhh i am soo nervous. ohh and if someone doesn't show up then were doomed!!! i am sooo nervous and this i why i am complaning!!! i dont know what to do. should i stay up all night to practice my lines? or should i get a good nights sleep? well if you get this before april 21 then send me a comment. if not then i wil send another post to tell you how it went. ohh i am soo nervous!! so pleeze leave a comment. thank you!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

totaly crushing

I have a total crush on this guy at school!! and i know that it isnt just infactuation! I have liked him off and on for a long time now and i REALY like him now! although i am not the one who always has a bf, and i am also kinda shy, soooo.....I dont know what to do!! my friends dont even know that I like him!! I dont know what to do, can you help me? give me a tip or something to help me because i have no clue even if i should ask him out. i am just so confused right now. should i wait and do a little flirting? lolz. jk. i need help!! pleeze leave a comment. i need more help then you can beleve

Monday, April 18, 2005

the urdge to kill

hello, my name is sarah and i have lots of friends. the only problem is that one person. ::cough:: Kaitlyn Kelly ::cough:: try's to ruin that!! she is such a bitch and i hate her so much. also everyone elts hates her but she thinks that she is great and all and she always hangs around us! everytone thinks that she: smells, stuffs her bra, doesn't wash, and a whole other assortment of stuff. its descusting and i hate her guts soo much. anyway if you ever meet her KILL HER.